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Homemade Candied Ginger recipe

Incredibly sweet caramelized ginger pieces are what you need to sweeten your life after the hard day at work or school. The recipe is very simple, just follow these easy procedures and you will have your sweet miracles ready with almost no effort.


  • 700g fresh ginger root
  • 1kg sugar
  • Water


Peel the skins of ginger roots. Make sure that the ginger you have is fresh, otherwise, you wonít be able to prepare tasty sweets. Cut ginger in identical size cubes and transfer them to a saucepan. On top, toss that kilo of sugar. Then, pour as much water as needed to completely sink ginger pieces.

Bring to the boil, lower the heat and simmer. Donít forget to stir from time to time. Cook until ginger pieces become translucent, the consistency of the liquid should be similar to honey. It can take you about 3 hours.

Sift ginger pieces to separate them from a syrup. Do not throw away the syrup because it is very tasty and you can use it to sweeten many dishes.

Let ginger sweets to cool down. Then, place them in a plate and sprinkle with some sugar. Leave them still and untouched throughout the night to get dry. Then sift again to discard excess sugar.

Your children will love these!

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Homemade Candied Ginger recipe
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